Environmental Policy

Citrus Media is unequivocally committed to maintaining and improving its environmental performance. For us, reducing our environmental impact is not only the right thing for the planet, but also makes sound business sense.

In addition to the many legislative compliance requirements, we are constantly striving to minimise our environmental impact through various initiatives. We take energy conservation seriously, recycling all paper, print cartridges and decommissioned equipment as well as using best-practice environmental solutions where possible.

  • All of our copy editing now takes place onscreen, and we have worked hard to reduce paper use by increasing reliance on PDFs, email, and other electronic resources.
  • We ensure all paper used in our magazines is from sustainable forests and that no elemental chlorine is used in its manufacture.
  • We minimise our consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy) through staff information and constant monitoring.
  • We attempt to reduce all waste and to recycle wherever possible.
  • Additionally, Citrus Media‚Äôs suppliers must meet certain environmental criteria before being selected as a supplier. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Energy and emissions efficiency.
    • Water use minimisation and water source optimisation.
    • Digital to plate printing (less chemicals, energy & waste).
    • Recycling (paper, wood, metal, strapping).
    • Sustainability.
    • Openness with reporting and improvement of environmental management.
    • Plans to lower carbon emissions.

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